Why choose Fitness for Life?

At Fitness for Life we offer more than just personal training, we offer a complete health and wellness solution that provides results for the long-term. 

Treating each member as an individual, you can rest assured that our approach will be custom led to align with not only your goals, but also your current abilities and experience. 

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Our System

A comprehensive approach to achieving optimal health and wellness for life.  


We will individually programme for you the most efficient and effective training programme for your goals.  Your individualised programme will take into account your training history, current fitness, available time and more, to find the safest and quickest route to where you want to be.  So whether you are just beginning on your fitness journey or you are a seasoned athlete, we will create an individualised training programme that will see you progress to achieve your true movement potential. 

Fuel Nutrition Coaching


We’re as different on the inside as on the outside, so we all need to establish what suits us.  We’ll teach you the basics of nutrition, then work with you, providing guidance that aligns with your lifestyle and  supports your training goals. Ultimately we will together  determine a sustainable  plan that suits you. 

Mind Mental Wellness Training


Our expertise in this area is what really sets us apart from other trainers.  An exercise and diet plan alone is rarely a successful long term fix for someone’s health. It might work in the short term, but eventually, if you don’t change how you think and feel, you’re likely to resort back to your old ways.  We teach various tools to develop your mental and emotional fitness, which will create a deep and lasting change in you, enabling you to sustain the changes in behaviour necessary for optimal health.

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